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Frontier has successfully helped over 120 companies to enter and grow business in the emerging markets in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. In addition Frontier has invested in several early-stage technology companies and delivered concrete results for their international growth, sales and business development.




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Why Frontier

    • No nonsense market research reports but result-orientated hands-on approach and focus on sales
    • Excellent results and customer satisfaction
    • Over 100 satisfied clients and successfully delivered market entries
    • Strong experience in the emerging markets since 2008
    • Offices in all the key areas
    • Investments in over 20 start-up companies




SmarpShare Company: Smarp Oy
Founders: Roope Heinilä & Mikael Lauharanta
Founded: 2011
Frontier’s first investment: November 2013
Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland
Website: www.smarpshare.com
Company brief: SmarpShare is the ultimate employee advocacy platform that allows all employees to participate in communication efforts. With it employees can quickly share interesting employer-approved content to their external social media networks and generate conversations around the business.
Articles and news:
26.2.2015: 20 Finnish startups you should know about: Check out Suomi’s best!
27.10.2014: Smarp’s CEO will be interviewed live on BBC World News
FundedByMeGreen Company: FundedByMe Crowdfunding Sweden AB
Founders: Daniel Daboczy & Arno Smit
Founded: 2011
Frontier’s first investment: February 2014
Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
Website: www.fundedbyme.com
Company brief: FundedByMe is a crowdfunding platform created to address the need for a user-friendly crowdfunding solution for European entrepreneurs and everyday investors. FundedByMe is one of the first crowdfunding platforms in the world to offer a one-stop-shop solution for reward-based, loan-based and equity crowdfunding
Articles and news:
17.2.2015: Swedish crowdfunder FundedByMe eyes global investor market
17.2.2015: FundedByMe to launch crowdfunding for Swedish SMEs from global investors
10monkeys Company: 10monkeys.com Ltd Oy
Founders: Katri Björklund &  Simon Björklund
Founded: 2011
Frontier’s first investment: June 2014
Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland
Website: www.10monkeys.com
Company brief: 10monkeys is a game studio that makes learning games for kids. The company has a web based mathematical practicing program used around the world, additionally the company has created mathematical applications for children. 10monkeys is an international growth company with operations and customers around the world.
Articles and news:
5.3.2015: Tekes funding bears digital “personal trainer” for maths (in Finnish)

26.2.2015: 20 Finnish startups you should know about: Check out Suomi’s best!
2.10.2014: Company-led Number Rumble wants to mend Pisa ranking (in Finnish)
CreateTrips Company: Createtrips Oy
Founder: Juha-Petteri Kukkonen
Founded: 2013
Frontier’s first investment: April 2014
Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland
Website: www.createtrips.com
Company brief: CreateTrips is a social trip planner for the smart traveler. There is no need for old fashion maps or travel guides anymore, as CreateTrips is here to turn smartphones and tablets into the storytelling devices of tomorrow.
Articles and news:
2.3.2015: More than a million in seed funding for travel app (in Finnish)
27.2.2015: Finnish travel app CreateTrips closes €1.4 Million in seed
18.11.2014: CreateTrips expands reach in SEA with new partnerships in Singapore
TweetAtlas Company: Liilak / TweetAtlas Oy
Founders: Jarkko Jokirinta & Juha Karjalainen
Founded: 2010
Frontier’s first investment: December 2013
Headquarters: Oulu, Finland
Website: www.tweetatlas.com
Company brief: Tweetatlas helps leading brands increase their business and decrease their customer churn by providing the world’s most accurate social media insight and analytics. Tweetatlas beats other players on the market with an analytics service that boasts higher quality and accuracy. The solution is a combinition of analysis done by computer algorithms and actual human beings as an automatized process.
Articles and news: 
17.11.2014: TweetAtlas secures million euro funding (in Finnish)
Nordtouch Company: Nordtouch Oy
Founders: Ilari Raja & Joni Mertoniemi
Founded: 2012
Frontier’s first investment: June 2014
Headquarters: Espoo, Finland
Website: www.nordtouch.fi
Company brief: Nordtouch is an innovative Finnish software company. They create easy-to-use digital solutions for modern learning environments. The founders believe in the importance of collaborative learning where students should be producing and contributing content together with other students as a part of their learning process.
TribeStudios exit Company: Tribe Studios Oy
Founders: Elina Arponen, Ville-Kalle Arponen, Heikki Vehmas, Timo
Kämäräinen & Jaakko Väyrynen
Founded: 2010
Frontier’s first investment: September 2013
Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland
Website: www.dramagame.com
Company brief: Tribe Studios was best known for its patented Dramagame technology, which it used to develop multiplayer role-playing games. The platform was built around chat interaction, where one game has multiple points-of-views and many possible outcomes based on player decisions. The company was acquired by UK-based Palringo in May 2015.
give logo Company: Give AB
Founded: 2014
Frontier’s first investment: September 2014
Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
Website: www.getgive.se
Company brief: Give is simply the greatest gifting platform ever! For consumers, Give is the easiest way to send instant gift, the receiver can claim the gift in nearest store. The app can be downloaded from appstore or Google Play. For Business, Give is a platform to send instant gifts to consumers or employees. Perfect to use for customer retention, marketing, campaigns or just to automate administration. Give is easy to integrate to any CRM system.

Other portfolio companies are including: Jam Run Adventures (Moomin Games, Finland), Buddy Healthcare (Finland), Sendhelper (Singapore), NurseBuddy (Finland), Taxify (Estonia), Transfluent (Finland), Koukoi Games (Finland).

We are currently looking for new investment opportunities in Singapore and Finland.

Other satisfied and ongoing client cases are including: Tikkurila Plc, Supercell, Nordic Telecom, Plantui, RamminSpeed, Goodlife Healthcare, Finncode.

Contact for more information: Mr. Mikko Silventola, mikko@frontier.fi, +6591222140